About Mathlaboratory.com

Welcome … Here you will find short essays with comments on math learning methods. We explain promising learning methods and our philosophy of mathematics education. … We promote here a vision – regular school classes should be supplemented to ensure that students learn the math needed for college, and that both students and their parents are ultimately responsible for making this happen.

Welcome – you will find here our BLOG with linked, short articles on learning and teaching mathematics and the story of schools and teachers who have implemented best practices.

We guide (or teach) parents to support their children’s important math studies… We advise (or teach) tutors and teachers in better developing a student’s math conceptual faculties… And we tutor/mentor/teach students by supplementing regular math lessons to help them become their own self-tutors.

Our curriculum standards include the California and California Common Core Standards. We enhance these by the TIMMS 2011 Grades 4 and Grades 8 international math standards that regularly measure the progress of top-achieving countries. We expect “student proficiency” at 80+% not ~60%. We prepare students to be college-ready in math by Age 15 with regular supplemental teaching.

So, why do we speak of a “Your Road to Math Mastery”. Your learning experience in mathematics should have as goal the mastery of math content (what you know and can do) and the ability to reason in extending and applying what you have learned.

There is an ancient tradition that asks: Aren’t there shortcuts or isn’t there an easier (a”royal”) road to mastering mathematics? Here is the story.

In our approach to teaching and mentoring we emulate the best practices of master teachers in music, sports and mathematics.

We hope this Blog informs, encourages and inspires our students, parents, teachers and tutors to a lifelong appreciation of mathematics – to recognize its beauty, its importance in promoting rewarding career options and its unique power in training young minds towards a life of reason and thought.

Revised: July 16, 2013