Seven Laws of Teaching?

We truly honor the “The Seven Laws of Teaching“ and the regular math teachers of our students. Here is a summary:

1. “A true teacher is equipped with the knowledge he wishes to communicate.

2. The student, with attention fixed and interest aroused, is eager to pursue his/her studies.

3. The true medium of communication between the two is a language clear, simple, and easily understood by both.

4. The true lesson is the knowledge and experience to be communicated and connected to what the student already knows.

5. The true teaching process in which the teacher arouses and directs the self-activities of the student.

6. The true learning process in which the students reproduce in their own thought, step by step – first in mere outline and finally in full and finished conception – the lesson to be learned.

7. The true review in which both teacher and students periodically revisit the lesson – and through discussion, testing, correcting, completing, connecting, confirming – students demonstrate readiness to apply the subject studied.”

Our focus is on Steps 5, 6 and 7 to help students truly learn their mathematics. Given the pace of many regular math classes it is difficult for these important steps to be given the real individualized attention students need.

If students forget their lessons we are prepared to re-teach them according to ALL the seven laws.

For a more detailed description of how we implement these laws see “Implementing the Seven Laws of Teaching”.

Adapted from “The Seven Laws of Teaching” by John Milton Gregory, 1884, revised 1917 and 1951, Baker Book House Company