Master Teacher – Professor Hung-Hsi Wu

We are chronicling some major events in the history of mathematics education in America.  We do this  to understnad the historical context behind our current failure in public school math education, particularly in middle school.

In the past decade one of the chief contributors to advocate reform in middle school math teaching is Professor Hung-Hsi Wu, Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley; Member, National Mathematics Advisory Panel and Conceptual Knowledge and Skills and Teachers and Teacher Education Task Groups.

Dr. Wu discusses the topics of school algebra and their importance for student learning. He explains each of these foundational topics and provides examples, describes the connections across topics, and talks about some common difficulties that teachers have in learning and teaching algebra. (9:54 min)    TRANSCRIPT & DETAILS | PDF | 182 KB

  • What needs to be emphasized in algebra instruction
  • Importance of the concept of functions in learning mathematics
  • Example of using a function
  • Need for flexibility in sequencing the topics of school algebra
  • Why algebra should not be taught as a sequence of disjointed, isolated topics

We will feature many of Pofessor Wu’s other contributions to the reform of math education in America.