Practice Retrieval for Progressive Mastery?

Learning for mastery is an iterative process that requires  you to ____ what you have learned earlier.


That means you need to continually ____ your learning and ____ it with new knowledge.

update       connect

Learning skills requires that we practice ____ review as we repeatedly  ____  through the topics several times along the way.

on-going         spiral

What are some simple and practical strategies to learn better and remember longer?

Various forms of retrieval practice

Name five forms of retrieval practice?
  1. On-going low-stakes quizzing and self-testing
  2. Spacing out practice through re-teaching worked examples
  3. Interleaving practice of different but related topics or skills
  4. Trying to solve problems before being taught their solution
  5. Using your own words to name and summarize the underlying principles or rules that differentiate types of problems
Reference for this summary post:

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