Grade 7 Math – IXL Skills Practice

 Seventh grade math = Prealgebra

Fraction Skills – Worked Examples and Practice Links

Here is a list of all of the skills that cover fractions!  These skills are organized by grade.  Study the skills

First learn each fraction concept and skill by reviewing, relearning, and self-testing three times per session the following in order:

-1- The Standards and Learning Objectives – set context for determining what is to be “learned”;

-2-  The Glossary – precisely recognize, name and define the needed concepts, skills and rules, forwards and backwards;

-3-  The Worked Examples – become familiar with what is asked, what is given and recognize  similar kinds of questions;

-4-  The Progression – connect each standard, concept and skill with prior knowledge, the current lesson content and future lessons to be learned;

-5-  The Summary Rules – learn a summary of the shortcut rules that identify question types and how to skillfully answer them – to include why the rules are true ; and finally

-6-  The Application of the Rules – to learn when and where to apply them to skillfully answer them.

By working problems for each skill you can practice Application of the Rules for each single skill at IXL Fraction Skills Practice.

Once at the IXL site  and you can move your mouse over any skill name to view a sample question for familiarization and recognition.

Familiarize yourself with each question by determining what is asked and what is given. Ask and answer How are questions similar and different?

Then attempt to answer each question by recognizing it, determine the rules needed fr a solution, find the solution y applying the rules and then checking to see if this is all correct.

Then practice getting answers to the questions by fluently applying the rules. Just click on any skill link.  IXL will then time your session and track your score. The questions will automatically increase in difficulty as you improve!

FINALLY, master application of the Fraction Rule Set for all skills at this Link.