Private Lessons

Why private mathematics lessons?

In the latest international bench marking for math achievement America ranked poorly.  If we wish our students to be internationally more competitive we need to accelerate and supplement our public school Common Core Math Curriculum.

The authors of “Common Core” readily admit that math career readiness for them does not mean  students can gain needed access to premier schools – for any career.

Nor is  the Common Core Math curriculum sufficiently advanced to pursue a lucrative STEM career (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) – at any college.

Many states, including Texas,  are already opting out of Common Core for more rigorous standards.

College is needed for accreditation for lucrative careers.  And in high math achieving countries (or our state school districts) it is simply expected that math classes be supplemented after school.

The following chart shows the importance of educational attainment.

Why become a self-directed learner?

Normally there is very little class time (in public or private schools) for needed re-teaching and disciplined, continuing lesson review. These are especially important in learning mathematics.

Some very effective learning strategies include: space study sessions;  vary study conditions; interleave study topics; use schema to link new with prior knowledge; practice retrieval for mastery;  and, maintain the motivation and a learning-growth mindset.

Private math teachers can custom tailor their after-hours teaching to help students review and re-learn lessons to maximize long term retention.

Note that learning these strategies is quite different from seeking occasionally helpful peer student or tutoring help

Recognize also that high school B grade students may still not be career-  or college-ready. College placement often calls for taking expensive remedial courses ($ and time).  Such courses are best learned much earlier in school life.

Later when in a career you may need to re-learn the mathematics you forgot. You can accomplish this through new course work.  But you can accomplish this better through self-directed study using proven learning strategies and materials we teach.

When would  private math  lessons really help?

-1  If they instill in a student the willingness to develop a mindset for learning growth and the motivation and resilience to overcome inevitable difficulties.

-2-  When a student is willing to learn by applying sound study practices that support self-directed learning goals.

-3-  And when students have access to suitable learning materials and the know-how to use them effectively.

Many new advances in learning science and technology promise real improvement.  Generally, these innovations can only be offered privately. Our learning materials incorporate many such innovations.

Again – please understand: All top-achieving countries and best- performing U.S. school districts encourage student participation in after-school programs – even for the most math proficient students.

Why are we so confident our lessons really help?

“Mister Al”is a highly qualified Private Mathematics Teacher who will be able to  customize your learning experience.

“Mister Al” has a BA in Mathematics from Columbia University, had a successful 32 year aerospace career at TRW/Grumman, refreshed Harbor Community College math courses from Arithmetic through Advanced Calculus (all A’s) and performed  research in cognitive mathematics learning and teaching practices. Currently he is specializing in middle school teaching fundamentals and learning material development.

The first lesson is free to see if we can work well together.  We will seek mutual understanding on lesson format, homework practice, missed appointments, use of technology and lesson payment.

If all is acceptable the first lesson homework results will help us find a suitable starting point and lesson schedule.

Lesson appointments will be mutually convenient for lessons either in-home, at a library, at our studio classroom or online via PC or smart phone.

A minimum of four one-hour (or eight half-hour equivalent)  lessons cost a modest $120 and are payable monthly in advance. (Consider: Guitar lessons often cost $60/week)

Fees for use of our learning materials are very modest.  There are no contracts.

How can we get started?

To schedule your first free lesson, call

Alfred “Mister Al” Peschel

or email him at