How can parents choose motivating goals?

We learn from “The Talent Code” that there are three ingredients needed to become very, very good at something.  According to the author it takes “Deep Practice”, “Good Coaching” and “Intrinsic Motivation”.  In this articles we are exploring “Motivation”.

One very important source of motivation is that parents want the very best chances for their kids to “make something of themselves”.  And so correctly they encourage very early a student to excel in sports, music or in academic studies.

Perhaps a Sixth Grader hasn’t yet picked his career quite yet.  But in 4 or 5 years – in high school – a strong interest in a career might develop.  What if the math grades aren’t here now?  What if the grades could have been there with more patient parental insistence, teaching, guidance?

A master student motivator, Jaime Escalante, chose as family goal “get into college and develop a career”.  Escalante, parents and students obligated themselves to each other in a “contract” in which parents supported and encouraged their students to make an extra effort – longer hours of the right kind of study.

Older students will motivate themselves if they learn how to “self-parent”.