Who is ultimately responsible for student learning?

Regardless of how well students are doing or the quality of school class teaching – whetherpublic, private or home-school – school math class teaching should be supplemented.  Why?  To ensure that students really learn and retain the math they need  for college work.   This means – ultimately – that both students and their parents must be responsible for making this happen. 

Yes – the public school system needs reform.  Yes – school administrators need to be held more accountable for administrative bloat.  Yes – teachers can always improve their craft.  If parents and students don’t do their part student grades on standardized tests will continue to suffer. 

Students need to do more – step up and become more “the best students they can be”.  Parents work very hard, with longer and longer hours – and often lack patience and teacher skills. That is why, there is a real need for after school programs – particularly for learning math.  This is done in all high math achieving countries.

In reality, many families have been doing this for a very long time.  There are growing online, charter school and home-school communities. That is why we use a “laboratory concept” in offering after-school resources for teachers, tutors, parents, and students.

Bill Gates’ parents surely didn’t continue flunking Sixth Grade.  They put him into a private school with fine teachers where he flourished. (Search the post on Bill Gates.) We offer teaching and learning resources for self- or private tutoring at a more affordable cost.