How to best learn the math you need?

Use six steps to learn a math skill.  Our new learning materials supports this recommended process.

-1-   EXPLORE   Develop a genuine, enthusiastic curiosity –  become a true mental explorer. Develop this enthusiasm so you will persist in the mental effort to focus attention, understand connections, avoid confusion,  get help for difficulties and overcome inevitable discouragements.

-2-   INQUIRE   Keep formulating inquiry questions –check on what you know and what you don’t know.  Persist in seeking answers to these questions. Use the 5W2H question stems:  Who -, What -, When -, Where -, Why -, How -, How much -?

-3-   CONNECT    your new learning material items to integrate them with the old material items you already learned. Recognize and master all prerequisites first.

-4-   MODEL   Adapt/create mental models to summarize thr new knowledge, contrast similarities and differences and connect knowledge items. Create these models as schema for effective comprehension and improved recall.

-5-   INTERLEAVE   review topics to focus on summary understanding and of differences and similarities.

-6-   SPACE  practice for active recall of these connection models, summaries, concepts, examples and skills.  Do this for long term retention through repeated, directed self-quizzing of your own (for example, Cornell Notes) or our prepared materials.